Let's Face The Music and Dance

with Alexander Allen as Lighting Designer


Set designer:

Costume designer:

23/10/2008 to 30/04/2009

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Designer's notes: 
Design completed using the primarily fixed in-house rig of Generics (ADB & ETC) with Parcans, some fitted with scrollers, as well as Martin Mac550, Mac250 Kryptons & HighEnd Technobeams. The Theatre Royal is a 750 seat single deck theatre, creating many challenges as well as great opportunities for lighting. This show had an added set element of an LED backdrop in the form of 3x1.5m letters spelling D,A,N,C,E, comprising of DMXa-able LEDs and a Frost / Opaque covering on a wire mesh frame. In addition the main staging was on the revolve meaning any combination of angles could be achieved to provide a different perspective (& hence light bounce) for the cast to use with the choreography. A challenge but lots of fun with copious amounts of creativity possible.