We'll Meet Again

with Alexander Allen as Lighting Designer



Set designer:

08/01/2009 to 01/04/2009

Show type:

Designer's notes: 
Design completed using the in-house rig consisting of 60+ units of VL2500 (Spot & Wash), ETC S4 Pars & Profiles (most fitted with Wybron Scrollers), Wildfire UV Guns and HighEnd DF1000 Strobes. The Palladium Theatre is a 3 deck venue with full motorised flying (although the lighting bars are fixed!). The wide open auditorium allows lots of space for projecting aerial light beams and gobo washes, connecting the audience with the dancers in the overall design. The set was one colour throughout, a cream / off-white needing lots from the lx rig to bring out depth and feeling, although with the aid of flying in this venue, changes of cloths did help as well as a full colour ground row cityscape of 1940's London.