Recurring Payments

Set up a Direct Debit (recommended)

The ALD recommends you set up a Direct Debit via our partner Go Cardless. Please click the button below to set up your Direct Debit. If you have any outstanding membership fees on your account, we will clear these with the first Direct Debit payment, you will then be added to the appropriate annual membership payment plan.

Go Cardless

Set up a Recurring PayPal Instruction

This form allows you to set up a recurring PayPal transaction to your payment card so that you can automatically pay your subscriptions by this method each year. Please note that payments via PayPal are subject to a £2.50 administration fee.

Please remember that if you change your card, you may need to set up a new instruction for your new card.

Annual Membership Type
ALD Member Name
ALD Membership Number

Cancel a Recurring PayPal Instruction

If you have previously set up a recurring PayPal payment, and wish to cancel it, please select the button below.

Your membership is at risk if you do not maintain your subscription payments are up to date