Recruitment for 2018–19 Lumiere Scheme

The ALD are delighted to announce that we are now recruiting for the first of our full year Lumière Scheme positions. Following two successful six month pilot schemes, our first year long scheme will continue our partnership with Chichester Festival Theatre.

What is the ALD Lumière Scheme?

The ALD Lumière Scheme is a pathway scheme for emerging lighting designers, giving them valuable experience of working professionally as an assistant lighting designer for a year. Some Lumières may have the opportunity to take on associate lighting designer roles toward the end of their attachments.
The scheme consists of two parts. Initially, they will be placed within a top UK producing theatre (in this case Chichester Festival Theatre), assisting visiting lighting designers within the production/lighting department. In the second stage, the Lumière will be matched with a number of established lighting designers and will spend six months assisting them, travelling around the country and possibly internationally.
Alongside this, each Lumière will receive a bespoke package of mentoring and support, a toolkit for how to survive and thrive as a lighting designer: anything from getting an agent and building a portfolio to navigating challenging situations.

Am I eligible to apply?

This scheme is only accepting applications from current and fully paid up ALD members who are based in the UK. There is no length of membership requirement, new members are as welcome to apply as old ones. Existing members need to ensure that their 2017/18 subscriptions are paid in full BEFORE sending in your application to the Lumière Scheme.
Required Skills, Knowledge and Experience
  • Sufficient paid experience EITHER as a freelance lighting designer/assistant, OR as a lighting operator/technician/engineer in lighting design, OR demonstrable transferrable skills is required from applicants.
  • A solid technical understanding of lighting and the production process.
  • A strong commitment to developing a career as a lighting designer as demonstrated by work experience, previous design work, training or by other means.
  • Experience of designing lighting for at least one show. This can include projects undertaken whilst in training or unpaid work. Candidates should be prepared to give details of any previous design work in application and if invited to interview.
  • Experience of using CAD software: the minimum level required is be able to draft an LX plan and update changed to an existing LX plan.
  • A minimum of one year’s experience working in the industry.
  • An interest in building new collaborative relationships with creative peers.


Desirable Skills, Knowledge and Experience

  • Basic knowledge of the UK theatre sector

What are the dates?

  • 6pm 31st January 2018: closing date for applications
  • 12th February 2018: confirmation of whether you have an interview
  • Thursday 22nd February 2018: Interviews in Chichester or London
Attachment dates:
  • Working at CFT: 23rd April 2018 until 27th October 2018
  • Working with lighting designers: 12th November 2018 – 18th April 2019
  • (exact dates for second part of attachment are dependent on participating LDs’ work schedules)
  • Requirement to attend a debrief meeting with involved parties: date TBC

What can I expect to be doing?

In the first six months:
  • The Lumière will be based at Chichester Festival Theatre, assisting the lighting designers coming into that venue. Furthermore, they will be credited as a member of the theatre organisation during their stay.
  • They will work closely with lighting designers learning to support and collaborate with them in a supportive team environment.
  • They will attend production and design meetings.
  • They will take a hands-on role with the lighting plan handling including its creation, communication of the design intentions and updating it through the production process.
  • They will help with the archiving of shows including updating the final plan, focus plotting, lightwrite and any other archive paperwork to help with future recreation of the show
  • They will help with the management of followspots and their followspot show plots.
  • They will be part of the Lighting department and may from time to time join in with the department in the fit-up process where time permits.
In the second six months:
  • The Lumière will learn how to assist a lighting designer, establishing what skills are required and strengthening these skills. They will receive tutoring from the lighting designer alongside the guidelines set out by the ALD.
  • They will spend all their time working alongside the lighting designer in each theatre they attend.
  • They will also complete specified training programme paperwork during this six-month period.
  • The Lumière will assist with decision-making relevant to the production in the absence of the lighting designer.


What can I expect to be paid?

The yearly fee for the scheme is £19,000.
CFT will provide a subsistence payment weekly in addition to the Lumiere's wage at current Equity/ UK theatre rates for the duration of your time at CFT. You will have a travel and subsistence allowance for the six months you spend with LDs.


How do I apply?

This scheme is only accepting applications from current and fully paid up ALD members who are based in the UK. If you have not paid your 2017/18 subscriptions, you should do so before sending in your application:
Applicants are required to send a CV and covering letter to no later than 6pm on 31st January 2018.
You should have a minimum of one year of working experience in the industry and should supply details for two referees from the industry.
Your covering letter should outline your interest in and suitability for the position and a statement of what the scheme would do for your career development. You should also include your current CV and a link to any online photographic material of your previous design work.
Interviews are scheduled to take place on Thursday 22nd February 2018 in central London or in Chichester (TBC).
We will notify you if you have an interview on or before 12th February 2018.