So You Are Thinking of a Career in Stage Lighting?
Although the ALPD was started by theatre lighting designers, these days our members work in a many other places too, and they are not all lighting designers either. There are many ways of earning a living in stage lighting and many ways into these different roles.

The ALPD Lumiere Scheme
Established in 2015, the Lumière Scheme is an exciting professional development programme that provides pathways into the industry for emerging lighting practitioners and designers.

ALPD Awards 2022
With a gap in the ALPD Student Awards in 2020 behind us, we’re gearing up for a fresh round of Awards for Excellence for 2022.
In 2021 the Association of Lighting Designers changed its name to the Association for Lighting Production and Design to better reflect the larger lighting community that we represent. As a development of this the ALPD Awards for Excellence will this year include a Programmers Award.