Alex Musgrave and Rachel Stanwood-Jones

The ALPD Lumiere Scheme

The ALPD Lumière Scheme.

Established in 2015, the Lumière Scheme is an exciting professional development programme that provides pathways into the industry for emerging lighting practitioners and designers.

Between 2015 and 2019 we have supported four successful participants of the Design Scheme, for a six-month period during which they have been able to assist a range of established designers in a number of venues, working in an assistant capacity on a diverse range of new productions.  It's a scheme designed to create a pathway for lighting practitioners into the world of live performance and to encourage and develop the roles of assistant and associate Lighting Designers.  In 2020 we provided mentorship between 38 participants and 35 Lighting Designers through Lumière 20:20, as well as group discussions and talks with the

In 2021, and with our new name, the ALPD, we launched out pilot Production Lumière Scheme for emerging production electricians and programmers with 5 participants all receiving mentorship, a paid work placement opportunity and weekly online workshops.  

In 2022, we were pleased to be able to return to our 6-month format for the Design Lumière Scheme.   A pathway scheme for emerging lighting designers, it gives them valuable experience of working professionally as an assistant lighting designer for six months.   

More information about both the Design & Production Schemes, as well as the Lumière 20:20 & Team Lumière mentorship programmes, which were developed in response to the pandemic, can be found here:

·       Design Lumière Scheme. 

·       Production Lumière Scheme.

·       Lumière 20:20 & Team Lumière Schemes.

To donate towards the Lumière Scheme, please visit our Donation Page.

If you would like to know more about what it is like to take part in the Lumière Scheme you can hear from our previous participants here:

·       Lumière 20:20 & Team Lumière

·       2019: Alex Musgrave

·       2018: Jason Addison

·       2016: Rachel Cleary

·       2015: Charlotte Burton

Production Lumière 2021

We are ran an online pilot scheme in autumn 2021. This was a virtual scheme but as Covid restrictions permitted we were also able to arrange some on-site work.  

Five emerging lighting practitioners were chosen from applications and then were paired with 5 professional mentors, representing a wide spectrum of work, for a series of workshops, discussions and masterclasses.

It was an exciting opportunity that gave Lumières direct access to a Production Electrician or Programmer and inspired conversations about the role, the craft and the life. 

Production Lumières 2021 were:

Dan Heseem, Izzy Waugh, Rachel Stanwood-Jones, Louisa Craig & Lewis Byfield.

Thank you for our mentors:

Fraser Hall, Victoria Brennan, Sarah Brown, Dan Street & John Delaney.

Thank you to Stuart porter & David Ayton and our guest speakers:

Rich Mence, Declan Randall, Nick Wooolley, Pete Lambert, Martin Chisnall, Katie PItt, Tom White of Vectorworks and Vic Pyne, John Venn & Amy Clarke from Glyndebourne LX Dept.

Lumière 20:20 & Team Lumiere.

During 2020, and with the impact of the pandemic on the industry, a major shift was required to adapt the program for the changed world and social distancing. Lumière 20:20 was created. We aimed to pair 20 emerging lighting artists with 20 professional lighting designers on a one-to-one basis with the goal that over a 10-week period each pairing would virtually meet and discuss a set topic of the week and open the way for further conversation about design, the industry and individual process.

The response was huge from both new lighting talent and designers. Due to the generosity of both participating designers and a donation from the estate of ALPD-Fellow Mick Hughes, the scheme was able to expand further. The cohort grew to 38 Lumières on the 20:20 scheme and Team Lumière was created to “meet” on a regular basis to discuss the subject of the week and to be joined by featured designers and practitioners for Q & A opportunities led by Rory Beaton.

Application to the scheme was by CV and covering letter from the prospective Lumière and a short statement by the Designer. The admin team paired each application together.

Participants were also offered a micro-bursary to recognise their work and commitment.  

We are proud of the response to the scheme as the uptake came from Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Italy, Poland, Malaysia, Australia and the US and across many aspects of production lighting – therefore the conversations had a huge breadth of knowledge and experience that were invaluable to the participants.


Lumière 20:20 were: 

Sophie Bailey, Gianni Bertolli , Adam Archet, Michael Brenkley, Adam Murdoch, Fee Dalgleish, Holly Ellis, Hazuki Mogan, Cara Hood, Catja Hamilton, Charlotte McAdam, Sam Osbourne, Euan Davis, Fadzil Hanafi, Alan Mooney, Hannah Walker, Max Colbran, Callum Macdonald, Jane Lalljee, Nina Field, Jen Roxburgh, Jess Addinall, Will Monks, Krzysztof Gantner, Alex Fernandes, Adam Foley, Lucía Sánchez Roldán, Ruth Green, Eleni Thomaidou, Jev Laverick, Seb Blaber, Sherry Coenen, Aiden Bromley, Tamykha Patterson, Tom Lightbody, Kieron Johnson, William Hayman & Simi Majekodunmi. 


Thank you to our mentors: 

Richard Howell, Mark Jonathan, Mike Robertson, Daniella Beattie, Rob Sinclair, Lee Curran, Aideen Malone, Jessica Hung Han Yun, Matt Haskins, Declan Randall, Charlie Morgan Jones, Sherry Coenen, Malcolm Rippeth, Paul Lim, Charles Balfour, Zoe Spurr, Jason Addison, Mark Jonathan, Lucy Carter, Kathy Perkins, Mike Le Fevre, Howard Hudson, Lizzie Powell, Bruno Poet, Natasha Chivers, David Howe, Nic Farman, Elanor Higgins, Simon Wilkinson, Ric Mountjoy, Jon Clark, Nick Schlieper, Ken Billington, Rick Fisher, Adam Silverman & Ben Cracknell.


Team Lumière were: 

Bethany Gupwell, Dan Heesem, Iain Young, Joseph Ed Thomas, Lauren Flynn, Lewis Hannaby, Lucy Adams, Matt Whale, Nathan Storm, Noah Jones, Ellen Butterworth-Evans, Gabriel Finn, Zoe Beeny, Matthew Lofting, Amy Cadwallader, Jack Wills, Jon Stacey, Tom Boase, Sam Ohlsson, Layla Bradbeer, Ethan Kent & Fred Rayment.

Thank you to Rory Beaton and our guest speakers: 

Simon Wilkinson, Lucy Carter, Jessica Hung Han Yun, Bruno Poet, Johanna Town, Prema Mehta, Declan Randall, Tim Mitchell, Malcolm Rippeth, Lee Curran, Mark Jonathan, James Farncombe, Howard Hudson, Tom Mulliner, Dale Driscoll, Rob Sinclair, Patrick Woodroffe, Nic Farman, Kate Bonney, Simon Hayes, Pete Lambert, Martin Chisnall, Neil Austin, Lizzie Powell, Aideen Malone, Ben Ormerod, Anthony Arblaster, Victoria Brennan, Ben Cracknell, Charlotte Burton, Sarah Brown, Max Narula, Kathy Perkins, Joshua Pharo and Paule Constable.




The micro-bursaries for Lumière 20:20 have been made possible by use of the Mick Hughes (1939-2018) memorial funds.


In 2008 ALPD Fellow Mick Hughes was the first winner of TMA Award for Best Lighting Design. 

Mick Hughes’s pared-back and beautiful work, that almost always featured L201, had “a subtle, almost stealthy artistry that drew attention to the play and players, not to itself.”

(The Guardian). His designs have had a huge influence on the UK’s stages that still resonates today. 

More Information

For more information or to discuss the Lumière scheme in detail, please contact the ALPD’s Lumière scheme working group.

With thanks to:

Glyndebourne Festival Opera, our generous supporters and all those who donated to 'A Light Walk' in 2021 for making this year's Design Lumière Scheme possible.



With thanks for their continual support with the scheme: