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Designer Malcolm Rippeth praises versatility of discreet, award-winning fixture Opened in 1997, Shakespeare’s Globe is a reconstruction of the Globe Theatre, an Elizabethan Playhouse in London where many of Shakespeare’s plays were performed. Shakespeare’s Globe is dedicated to experimentation, with its mission to ground itself in research and exploration, pushing the boundaries of its artistic...
The events market in Namibia is currently buoyant, and Robe – thanks to the hard work of DWR and the leading Namibian rental companies’ willingness to invest in premium products - is well established as a moving light brand amongst the top production companies in the country which is most definitely ‘emerging’. Michael Vermeulen founder and co-owner of Mikel-Jes already has around 80 Robe...
SOUTH AFRICA - Thankfully no one was injured in a massive fire, which burnt down Durban Christian Centre in Mayville, KwaZulu Natal on the evening of 8 th June. Three days later, the sky was lit up by 12 Clay Paky Mythos , all pointed towards a star, as the congregation met together for a service held in their parking lot. One of the largest churches in Durban, the 5 500 seat auditorium known as...
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