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SOUTH AFRICA - Thankfully no one was injured in a massive fire, which burnt down Durban Christian Centre in Mayville, KwaZulu Natal on the evening of 8 th June. Three days later, the sky was lit up by 12 Clay Paky Mythos , all pointed towards a star, as the congregation met together for a service held in their parking lot. One of the largest churches in Durban, the 5 500 seat auditorium known as...
Production designers Daniel Slezinger and Justin Roddick have embraced this eclectic theatrical mix of spectacle, mood and thought provoking performance since 2012, and the first time they saw TØP play at 12th & Porter, a Nashville club they owned at the time. Taking it from a US trailer tour to a sold-out multiple truck arena / amphitheater world tour, they have spec’d nearly 180 Robe...
Chile, South America – Architectural lighting designer Toni Amoros employed 24 Clay Paky Mythos fixtures to create a spectacular festive light show at South America’s tallest skyscraper, the Costanera Centre. The Costanera Centre is in the heart of Chile’s financial district and comprises a six-floor shopping mall, two luxury hotels and bustling office space. Its highest levels are home to Sky...
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