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2018 Sponsored Student Scheme now open for applications for FREE membership through to March 2019.

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You are now able to join the ALD using our online application form, so it can even be done from the production desk!


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The two Lancelot followspots were specified for the ÷ tour by production designer, Mark Cunniffe, who has worked with Sheeran as lighting and production designer since the star first broke onto the music scene in 2011...
The Association of Lighting Designers (ALD) has announced its 2018 Sponsored Student Scheme is open for applications. The scheme offers students, who have not previously been members of the ALD, the opportunity to enjoy free ALD membership until the end of March 2019.
The largest summer beach festival in Belgium and one of the most popular in Northern Europe, “2 Meisjes op het Strand,” is known for more than just music. Also drawing thousands of fans and attracting a large national TV audience on Flemish network VTM are the breathtaking harbour vistas at the festival site. At this year’s event, Michiel Milbou and his team at Never Fear Shadows did justice to...
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